Hi, we are Richard and Emerson, here to make food better.
While working together at St. James Park, home of Newcastle United Football Club we formed a strong friendship based around our shared passion for great tasting food, sport and family.  After many years working at the highest level as chefs in the catering industry we decided to "go it alone" and start our own business with a focus on these shared passions.  Engaging in something worthwhile, making a difference for the better and having a good time while doing it.
So far, so good......
  • If you workout in any way or are trying to change your body composition, you understand that what you eat defines your performance and your body.
  • At ON POINT NUTRITION we provide delicious, macro specific meals so after all your hard work you have the nutritional support to achieve your goals.
  • We take pride in flavour, real food cooked by real chefs and delivered directly to your door. Just heat and enjoy your healthy meals.
  • All of our meals are produced with fresh, locally sourced ingredients to provide you with the highest quality and nutrient dense meals.
  • All of our packaging is 100% recyclable.