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Claire Surrey - CSSportmassagePT

I’ve been using On Point Nutrition meal prep now for for a couple of months and I’m so impressed with the the food and service. The variety of dishes are lovely, fresh and so tasty!

As a Health & Fitness Coach nutritious tasty food is important to me and for my clients. It’s important that I know the calories and macros in my foods which are provided for every meal.

I love that each meal can be adjusted too to fit my macro requirements. Even after the meals have been frozen the quality of each dish still remains.

I love my food and I really look forward to my lunch when I know I’m having an On Point Nutrition meal as they really are restaurant quality.

I recommend On Point Nutrition to all my clients too as they make creating a Healthy Lifestyle so much easier.

I highly recommend anyone try the dishes, the quality and taste really does make them different to many other food prep companies! 

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NDU STUDIOS - Newcastle's exclusive wellness destination combining EMS and functional training.

At NDU every member is treated as an individual. Our approach brings personalisation and expert guidance into every movement, redefining the workout.  That's why NDU Studios have partnered with On Point Nutrition to Provide only the best meal prep to our members.

Visit NDU Studios' website for a tour of their state-of-the art fitness studio and Personal training services which offer deeper and more holistic transformations.  Incorporating all aspects of health and well being.



Julie Pilcher - Registered Nutritional Therapist - Owner of Vagus Well being 


I'm a Registered Nutritional Therapist, (BANT, CNHC) and Health Coach, passionate about supporting mind and body health, through the power of food and lifestyle.  My approach is about nourishment, not deprivation, helping you make small changes that make the world of difference.

I support On Point Nutrition because of the quality of ingredients, which are just as important as calories and macros.

            You can contact Julie through her website