Clare Surrey - CSsportmassagePT


I’ve been using On Point Nutrition meal prep now for for a couple of months and I’m so impressed with the the food and service. The variety of dishes are lovely, fresh and so tasty!

As a Health & Fitness Coach nutritious tasty food is important to me and for my clients. It’s important that I know the calories and macros in my foods which are provided for every meal. I love that each meal can be adjusted too to fit my macro requirements. Even after the meals have been frozen the quality of each dish still remains.

I love my food and I really look forward to my lunch when I know I’m having an On Point Nutrition meal as they really are restaurant quality.

I recommend On Point Nutrition to all my clients too as they make creating a Healthy Lifestyle so much easier.
I highly recommend anyone try the dishes, the quality and taste really does make them different to many other food prep companies! 

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